Academic Programme

Academic programme of the Faculty is under the strict monitoring through the faculty meeting chaired by the Dean, the Executive Chief of the faculty. The faculty meeting is held as required, and considers all matters related to designing and improvement of courses prepared by the different Board of Studies (BOS). BOS consists of all teachers of the concerned department and an expert member nominated by the Vice Chancellor. The other major academic activities of the faculty include fixing of examination date, preparation of class schedules, monitoring the progress of courses and maintaining academic discipline. The following sections describe undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of the faculty.

Undergraduate level

The Faculty of Fisheries confers a Bachelor degree as B. Sc. Fisheries (Hons.), a post-HSC 4 year degree programme. The curricula of this degree programme is thoroughly revised from time to time. Last revision was done in January 2011.

Courses offered in each year

The under-graduate courses in B. Sc. Fisheries (Hons.) extend for eight academic semesters. Most of the courses in Fisheries are offered by the faculty through its own teaching staffs. A number of relevant courses like English language, Computer Science, Biochemistry, Statistics, Fisheries Economics, Sociology of Fisheries, Agricultural Extension, and Agribusiness and Management are offered by the respective departments belonging to other faculties.

Post Graduate Studies

The Post Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Fisheries is conducted by its four Departments. The Post Graduate Studies of the Bangladesh Agricultural University is administered by Committee for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR) of the University. In the Post Graduate Studies, Master of Science (M.S.) degree, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Fisheries are offered.

Master of Science (M.S.) Degree

The M.S. degree of each Department is of three semesters of which two semesters are taught courses and the third semester is for research and thesis submission. At present the MS Degrees offered by various Departments of the Faculty of Fisheries are MS in Fisheries Biology & Genetics, MS in Aquaculture, MS in Fisheries Management, and MS in Fisheries Technology. A requirement for the registration into M.S. Course is decided by the Board of Studies of each Department. Usually the CASR provides the guideline for fixing the requirements for registration into M.S. Course. In addition to that each Department may have additional academic requirement for registration into M.S. Course.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Fisheries

The Ph.D. in Fisheries is the highest degree offered from each Department of the Faculty of Fisheries. It is a three-year research degree. Eligibility for the registration into Ph. D. studies is determined by the CASR. Before the decision of CASR the applicant should be accepted by an appropriate supervisor of the relevant department. On recommendation of the Board of Studies for registration of the applicant into Ph.D. studies, the CASR approves their registration. Some additional administrative requirements need to be fulfilled for admission.

Once a student is registered into Ph.D. studies his/her research will be supervised by the supervisor. The student shall write the research proposal depending on the physical facilities as well as in consultation with his/her supervisor. Once the research proposal is accepted and approved by the CASR the student can start his/her Ph.D. research. On completion of Ph.D. research the student should prepare a thesis and submit to his/her supervisor. If the supervisor is satisfied with the quality of research works and contents of the thesis the student is allowed to submit the final version of the thesis for examination. If the thesis examiners submit satisfactory report in writing in the prescribed form then the student shall present the research in a seminar in presence of the Members of Ph.D. Thesis Defence Committee. Upon satisfaction, the Committee through the Department will recommend to CASR for the award of Ph.D. degree to the successful student. CASR then request to the Academic Council of University for approval of the decision for awarding Ph.D. degree to the candidate. Once it is approved by the Academic Council the student will be awarded Ph.D. degree after final approval by the University Syndicate.